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Born in 1986 in Bucharest, Romania.

Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

My work uses the medium of photography to examine a new reading of symbols and fraught subjects such as socialism in Israel, the kibbutz, Israeli nationalism and icons of the Israeli and global art world, such as The Last Supper, the Bauhaus and more.

The working method often deals with manipulated images, mostly architectural, or their construction, by combining textures and various parts of pictures, a kind of collage done with the computer.

These actions also seek to undermine the way the medium of direct photography operates, and to restore a sculptural-manual dimension to it, but at the same time they allow the simultaneous gaze of the camera, which has influenced various art movement such as Cubism.

The series intersecie (Intersection) deals with questions of identity and belonging. The reference point of the series was the fact that I was adopted in Romania in the 1980s. Its comprised of manipulated photographs taken is Israel and in Romania.

The seires Communism describes structures that formerly belonged to important Israeli socialist institutions, but examines them from a contemporary point of view.

The work Gevorot Israel (Israels heroism) wishes to put a dent in the national ethos and to present the building that held the Israeli declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel in a more melancholic and realistic light.

The series Modernism deals with disrupting the well familiar visibility of modernist structures.

© All rights are reserved to Dorian Gottlieb


Home, 2018, Manipulated Photography, 210X150cm

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